Indulge in a Winter Retreat…

IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts offers two unique destinations for your Winter Retreat and New Year´s Eve celebration.

Winter retreats are wonderful opportunities to relax while enjoying a wonderful destination; knowing this IMOCOM Hotels and Resorts has prepared everything for guests to make the most of their winter getaway.

Back your bags and escape to the Algarve, one of the most sought out destination in Europe. Select a resort as your destination, and then simply enjoy, without worrying about the rates, which are consequently pleasant surprises.

The beginning of a New Year should be a memorable celebration. Whether spent with family or amongst friends, this season is filled with a unique sparkle and joy that one wishes could last throughout the year.

Tempting flavours, live fireworks, entertainment throughout the night and luxurious accommodation are but a few of the surprises prepared for New Year´s Eve 2009. For more information and reservations please call +351 282 321 000 I +351 289 304 900 or e-mail: info.montesanto@imocom-grupo.com I reservas.cascatas@imocom-grupo.com

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