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What is the pirate Francis Drake’s connection with the town of Lagos?

The Algarve is popular with tourists the world over. It is a region steeped in history with a rich cultural heritage. On your holiday, learn more about this famous Portuguese landscape.

Perhaps you didn’t know that the city of Lagos was attacked by Francis Drake, one of England’s most famous corsairs, or that off Lagos Bay in 1693, France’s Admiral Tourville sank an Anglo-Dutch convoy of 80 ships commanded by England’s Admiral Rooke.

Did you know that the Algarve Ethnographic and Costume Museum in São Brás de Alportel includes a reconstruction of an old barber’s shop?
Such shops used to be a place that the richer classes met to gossip and discuss politics.

Discover how Algarve chimneys, with their clearly Moorish influence, only began to be produced 200 years after the Arabs were driven from the region. Learn the romantic Moorish stories centred on the African coast.

If you enjoy Algarve wine, discover how the grapes of the region saved the quality of northern wine in the 19th century. Grapes were taken to estates in the Douro region to be blended with what little northern varieties remained after a devastating bought of disease.

This and much more are just examples of what you can discover during your holidays in the Algarve!

Source: www.visitportugal.com

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