Holiday Tip: Discover the colours of the Eastern Algarve

Set aside a day reserved just for you and your partner and set off on a short tour to discover the most beautiful places in the Algarve’s eastern region.

In Almancil, don’t let yourself be deceived by the apparent modesty of the façade of the small local church, for inside you will find a truly splendid interior, covered with the decorative tiles known as “azulejos” and some spectacular carved and gilded woodwork. Make sure to spend some time here in peaceful contemplation of the sacred and the beautiful.

After this, head on to Faro, the capital of the Algarve, to visit the city’s cathedral and enjoy a stroll through its historic centre. Escape from the heat of the midday sun in the shade of the many trees that you will find in the Jardim Manuel Bívar.

To the west of Faro, the Ria Formosa begins to reach out in its huge embrace of the Algarve’s coastal area. This is a region extending over 60 kilometres of coastline and consisting of a series of lakes, dunes and marshland, caught between the dry land and the sea. Explore this Natural Park together with your partner, either by car or by taking a special boat ride. But, first of all, discover a restaurant offering you a view over the sea and enjoy a lunch of some of the shellfish caught in the Ria’s lagoons.

After this perfect seaside meal, carry on to Tavira. Take your time strolling in leisurely fashion through the streets of the town, appreciating the houses’ special “scissor-shaped” hipped roofs and the geometrical patterns of their wooden shutters. Next, make your way up to the castle and enjoy a much broader panoramic view over this traditional city and the many churches that blend almost perfectly into the mass of white houses. We suggest you also pay a visit to the Igreja de Santa Maria, a church built on the ruins of a mosque and displaying an interesting clock on its tower. Do not, however, leave Tavira without crossing the Roman bridge over the River Gilão.

As evening falls, round off this romantic day by enjoying a stroll hand-in-hand with your loved one through the streets of the small and well-preserved village of Cacela Velha, with its particularly attractive colours at sunset and its breathtaking view over the Ria Formosa.

This Autumn discover the colours of the Eastern Algarve!

Source: www.visitportugal.com

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